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Vintage Style on Mix 100.5


pictures to follow....Bill Miller my fabulous partner at Deja Vu vintage finery will be joining me on Thurs morning with Bradley Ryan on Mix 100.5 in the 8:00 am hour...tune in to join us and hear how Vintage fashion is the new black....


Sail Into Spring


Some of the trends you’re apt to see in the next few months may seem more like a wave.  One of the prominent characteristics of coming fashions is the influence of the sea.

Expect deep blues and aqua teals to surface as a prominent color option for solid blouses and skirts.  Don’t be surprised by the addition of coral and sky blue accents.  Pairing blue tones will be a popular choice during the day.

Gowns and evening dresses in shimmering and reflective tones are sure to dominate, including mirrored and beaded appliqués.  These looks are indeed evocative of the moon glistening across the evening ocean.  Subtle blue-grays and creams will stand out at night.

Maxi Dresses and flowing blouses are steering toward surf-like stripes and underwater prints.  Gathered and draped fabric will capture the essence of a breeze during a day at the beach.

Pearl and alabaster accessories round out this theme.  From traditional to modern, the multi-faceted quality inspired by shells will be noticeable.  Open toed slides and sandals will lend a hint of the casual even to the most formal look.

Keep these seaside style scapes in mind while shopping.  Carefully chosen pieces can easily mirror designer luxury, without breaking your budget.  Marry new with previously enjoyed articles to achieve a unique take on what’s hot this season.

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